FOGcon Honored Guests: Terry Bisson and Susan R. Matthews

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Message from the Chair
FOGcon 3 Honored Guests
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We're very excited to announce our honored guests for FOGcon 3:
Terry Bisson and Susan R. Matthews. Both Terry Bisson and Susan
R. Matthews will be terrific guests, and we look forward to
hosting them! See below for their bios.  We'll get the website
updated promptly.

In other news---we are still on target to open registration on
Oct 1, using a system which we hope will be easier for everyone.
Stay tuned for news about that; we will make sure to tell you
about it.

Remember that FOGcon 3 happens on the second weekend of March
(Mar 8-10), aka Time Change Weekend.  We intend to remain on this
weekend permanently in the future.

--Vylar Kaftan, Chair


Law, Order, and Crime

New times create new crimes.

As societies change, both law and crime evolve, and punishment
changes as well. Advances in technology (or the workings of
magic) make possible crimes that we could never have predicted,
methods of crimefighting unforeseen, prisons unlike any we have
now. If a dragon is a citizen, are they allowed to eat people?
How do you imprison a telepath? How does a civilization of
teleporters keep from descending into anarchy? What rights do
aliens or androids have? How can vast empires covering many
lightyears maintain some sort of order?

The implications are much broader than the basic question of
whodunnit. We are currently seeing major shifts in the balance
between the individual and the state, privacy and convenience,
freedom and security.

Speculative fiction has always explored questions like these, and
the results have been some of our finest fictions. At FOGcon 3,
we're going to be discussing those questions and possible answers
for our own future.

FOGcon3 Honors Terry Bisson and Susan R. Matthews

We are proud to announce our Honored Guests for FOGcon 3: Terry
Bisson and Susan R. Matthews.

FOGcon 3 will be held March 8–10, 2013, at the Walnut Creek
Marriott in Walnut Creek, CA. The theme is Law, Order, and Crime.

Terry Bisson

Terry Bisson is an award-winning author best known for his short
stories. "Bears Discover Fire" swept the Hugo Award, Nebula
Award, Theodore Sturgeon Award, SF Chronicle Reader Award, Locus
Award, and Asimov’s Reader Award. It was also nominated for the
1991 World Fantasy Award and HOMer award. He also writes novels,
screenplays, comics and non-fiction. These days he hosts a
monthly author reading series in San Francisco (SFinSF) and edits
the Outspoken Author series for PM Books.

Terry Bisson has been an activist since the days of the Cuban
missile crisis, when he and a few other students traveled to
Washington, DC, to discuss the "peace race" with President
Kennedy. He wrote the biography of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Black
journalist who spent nearly 30 years on death row. A
self-identified member of the New Left, he operated Jacobin
Books, a "revolutionary" mail-order book service, from 1985 to
1990, in partnership with Judy Jensen.

Terry Bisson has always been passionately concerned with the
relationship between the individual and the state. His most
recent story collections (TVA Baby and Greetings and Other
Stories) feature title stories that examine the nature and
meaning of crime.

Susan R. Matthews

A self-described army brat (she was born in a barracks in Fort
Benning), Susan R. Matthews had an international upbringing,
living and attending school across the country and in Europe and
India. After earning an undergraduate degree in psychology, she
was commissioned into the United States Army and served as the
operations and security officer of a combat support hospital,
functioning in addition as the unit's NBC (nuclear, biological,
and chemical warfare) officer.

She was the 1998 Philip K. Dick Award Nominee and 1998, 1999 John
Campbell Award Nominee—Best New SF Writer. Her background in
psychology and her military and medical experiences all inform
her fiction. She is currently working as an auditor for a large
aerospace company and recently graduated from Seattle University
with an MBA in accounting. Susan lives in Seattle with her
partner Maggie. She likes black tea but seldom gets around to
drinking it while it's still hot.

Susan R. Matthews is best known for her novels set in the
Jurisdiction universe, where the government responds to civil
unrest and revolt with legally sanctioned torture of political
prisoners. Most of the novels feature Andrej Koscuisko:
aristocrat, physician, and unwilling torturer who loathes himself
for enjoying his work. Andrej struggles throughout the series to
reconcile his principles and the corrupt reality of the
Jurisdiction he is sworn to serve.


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